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Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is the discipline of strategically planning for, and managing, all interactions with third party organizations that supply goods and/or services to an organization in order to maximize the value of those interactions.

Materials Management

MM in SAP Materials Management function of SAP is part of the logistics area. It is one of the important modules in SAP ERP software and MM application module supports the procurement and inventory functions occurring in day-to-day business operations.

Contract Life-Cycle Management

SAP Sourcing CLM is a platform that authorizes and standardizes the source-to-contract processes. It simplifies sourcing and procurement processes, facilitates compliance with negotiated terms, streamlines processes for greater efficiency, and increases the competitive advantage of its users.

Logistic Execution

The Logistics Execution System (LES), a major component of the supply chain management (SCM) application from SAP, allows an administrator to manage the information and processes involved in all stages of the supply chain, from procuring raw materials to distributing finished products.

Warehouse Management

The SAP Warehouse Management system (WMS) provides flexible, automated support in processing all goods movements and in managing stocks in your warehouse complex. The system supports scheduled and efficient processing of all logistics processes within your warehouse.

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal is a solution that reduces the costs of procurement cycles by improving the exchange of business documents and shortening the time it takes to process the content of these documents. While purchasers use familiar methods to order goods and services, Supplier Portal integrates suppliers into the procurement process to a much larger extent.

Non SAP Solutions


Change is never easy and most of the time its “complicated”. Especially in a context of business, as it affects lots of different aspects. In order to ensure a smooth transition from the current state to the desired state of business, you need the correct change management tools and resources at hand. We help companies speed up the switch to new business or software, by software that uses advanced automation and controls to manage the change and release process in one simple interface.