At SKYCON, we’re not just IT experts, we’re also business experts. Although SAP ERP solutions are seems as IT implementations, they are so much more than that. The right solution, implemented by the right team, paves the way for a complete business transformation. If executed well, the end result is a business that runs beautifully and simply. Business process consulting is the process of streamlining the business processes of an organization in order to make it capable enough to meeting day to day IT challenges. The broad spectrum of process consulting encompasses a wide spectrum of business enabling services ranging from strategizing an IT framework to business process implementation, risk analysis, security compliance consulting and change management. ERP process consulting services provided by consulting service providers help organizations to have ERP systems aligned to meet business objectives.


According to Gartner , 75% of all ERP projects fail. Whether your organization is new to enterprise resource management (ERP) or you’re a seasoned user of SAP technologies, our team is ready to be your full service partner. From minor enhancements and upgrades right through to end-to-end software deployment, the SKY Consulting, SAP implementation team provides knowledgeable and supportive service. We are 100% invested in our projects. Your needs are important for us , therefore before every new implementation or system upgrade, our experienced team reviews the existing operational landscape to identify issues and bottlenecks. By taking the time to consult with you and understand your business needs, we are able to make practical recommendations and perform implementations that provide the greatest benefit to your company. We understand the confusion that plagues the ERP industry. And we know perfectly well that this is one of the largest – if not the largest – investment your company will make. So a successful outcome is essential. Has there been a stakeholder buy-in from top management? Is everyone on board? Have you carefully and intelligently chosen the right partner? Our close working style, clarity of communication and focus on process simplicity allows us to execute ERP projects that always end well. We know that introducing new technology to your organization can be an overwhelming and daunting experience. Choosing the right partner can mean the difference between process improvements and bigger problems. SKYCON not only implements complete SAP solutions for organizations across a wide range of industries, it also provides customizations and ongoing support as you and your team become experts in the new system.


Project Methodologies are implementation and development guidelines for ERP and non – ERP Projects. SAP have its own methodologies including ASAP, SAP Activate, Scrum and Agile development. We have experience from advising in the idea phase over specification & development in blueprint and realization phase to support during go-live and maintenance. This gives us excellent insight into building proper Governance for your organization. We claim to aim at the highest possible quality in our projects. Our understanding of quality exceed by far the frequently cited “in time, in budget, in quality“. It is our aim to create an added value by creating a sustainable project success and an achieved gain of utility. We achieve this by consequently orienting ourselves at the result, at the constant developing competence of our employees and our effective quality control. We want to remain on top of the newest level of the professional and methodical knowledge and we guarantee this for our customers by continuous training and know-how exchange.


Supply Chain Management is the process of managing and streamlining the entire flow of materials and activities for an organization, from the supplier side to the customer side. The entire value chain of the organization is dependent on the supply and movement of output intensive materials and the efficiency of activities that enable the same. The entire flow of goods and services is managed and enabled smoothly by supply chain management.